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Universal and Versatile Pin-On-Disc & Oscillating Tribometer

tribometers - Tribotechnic

  • "Do it yourself" calibration Kit
  • Universal chuck to fasten all shape of samples

  • Enclosure to control humidity and temperature

  • Variable speeds (5 to 360 rd/min. & 24 to 101.736 mm/min.) and loads (1 to 200 N)

  • Printed report with all test results

  • Ultra precise measurement of wear rate

What is the use of a tribometer :
To increase the perfomance and reliability of mecanical parts, some companies and universities are increasingly studing the friction and wear resistance of coatings and bulk materials.

So as to reply to their needs we have developed versatile tribometers, reliable and easy to use.


Pin-on Disc and Oscillating TRIBOtester

In accord with standards: ISO 7148, ASTM G99-95a, ASTM G 133 - 95

tribometers - Tribotechnic


  • Coatings, bulk material, ceramics, metals, polymers, cosmetic, lubricants and oil additives, etc…
  • Tests for Research and Development and quality control.
  • Coatings, solid materials, ceramics, metals, polymers, cosmetics, lubricants and oil additives, etc ...
  • Tests for R and D and Quality Control