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Milli Tribometer

milli tribotester

Today's technological advances in polymers, thinfilms and touch screens with low contact pressure, have created new challenges for Tribology.

In response to these challenges TRIBOtechnic has created a new and innovative tribometer called the Oscillating MILLI TRIBOtester PREMIUM, for friction measurement in a low contact pressure range.


  • The normal force is applied by a patented carbonfiber cantilever arm with an ultra sensitive frictionless cardan bearing system.

  • A sensor records variations of arm's displacement in order to calculate the friction coefficient. During friction test, minimal force sensor deflexion is in nanometer range.

milli tribometers

Applications :
- Polymers
- Optical coatings
- Paints and varnishes
- Eye glass lenses
- Touch screens
- Lubricants for micro mechanic
- Vacuum coatings
- Thin films
- Metals
- Semiconductors



milli tribometers

Specifications of MILLI TRIBOtester PREMIUM

Standard loads   :           continuous load range
from 0,001 to 1 N
1 N up to 3 N in step of 1 N
Friction   :     dry or lubricated
Duration of test         :     programmable
Control   :     custom developped interactive software for full data reporting
Dimension   :     500 x 400 x 300 mm
Power Material   :     220 - 110 V/50-60 Hz
Matière   :     granite and anodized aluminium, with polyacrylate transparent cover