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Calotest buyThe calotest allows to measure the thickness of hard coatings quickly with the greatest precision.

Two instruments on one : the only calotest instrument on the market which suits both for laboratory samples and big industrial parts.

In accord with Standard : ISO EN-1071-2 and VDI 3198

Manufacturers and users of hard coatings are often confronted with the problem of the measurement of the thickness of coatings. TRIBOtechnic has created a new and innovative instrument called CALOTESTER fully equipped with all items needed for measuring thickness of coatings, at your finger tips: programmed spherical abrasion controlled by microprocessor; microscope for measurement of abraded coatings and a calculator to supply the results of thickness automatically.calotester - Tribotechnic

 Procedure :

A ball coated with an abrasive paste is kept in rotation on a specimen by shaft with a groove.
A form of a spherical cap is abraded into the specimen,
X and Y are measured with an optical microscope.


calotester - Tribotechnic

The thickness E of the coating will be calculated with the following equation:

E =             X.Y______
          Ball diameter 

Applications :
The calotest method is applicable in the following fields:

- PVD and CVD coatings
- Sputtering, ion plating
- Evaporation in vacuum
- Anodic oxidation
- Galvanized coatings
- Chemical coatings