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May 19-24, 2024
San Diego California (USA)

The 50th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF 2024) will be held at the Town & Country Resort, San Diego, California, USA, from May 19-24, 2024. ICMCTF is the premier international conference in the field of thin film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface engineering, promoting a global exchange of ideas and information among scientists, technologists, and manufacturers. ICMCTF 2024 technical sessions will have an overarching theme that emphasizes materials, processes, and applications relevant for sustainable development and will include a related Topical Symposium. We also hope to see many of the major leaders of the conference to mark the 50th anniversary. The Conference includes more than 90 high-profile invited speakers, in over 40 sessions, across technical symposia, plenary and keynote lectures, short courses, an awards program, and daily social networking events.

Technical Symposia
PP. Plasma and Vapor Deposition Processes
MA. Protective Coatings and High Temperature
MB. Functional Thin Films and Surfaces
MC: Tribology and Mechanics of Coatings and Surfaces
MD. Coatings for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
Characterization & Computation:
CM. Advanced Characterization Modelling and Data Science for Coatings and Thin Films
Industry & Applications:
IA. Surface Engineering – Applied Research and Industrial Applications

Topical Symposium
Sustainable Surface Engineering:
TS1. Coatings for Batteries and Hydrogen Applications
TS2. Sustainable Processing and Materials Selection for Surface Solutions
TS3. Solar Thermal Conversion
TS4. Coatings and Surfaces for Thermoelectrical Energy Conversion and (Photo) Electrocatalysis
TS5. Circular Strategies for Surface Engineering