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26 - 27 February 2024
Hybrid Symposium - Oberhof (Germany) & Online


6th Friction 2024 will focus on the latest developments in materials and coatings for ultra-low friction and wear, which have grown increasingly important with the rise of e-mobility, wind power generation, and the use of new, environmentally friendly lubricants. A deeper understanding of the underlying microscopic mechanisms in the tribological contact is necessary due to these rapid changes in industrial applications.
The symposium will be held in Oberhof (Germany) and online. This event has been a premier platform for the latest developments in materials and coatings aimed at achieving ultra-low friction and wear since its inception in 2008.

Today, as we navigate rapid technological changes with new developments such as e-mobility, wind power generation, and the rise of environmentally friendly lubricants, the landscape of tribological applications is changing drastically. As a result, there is a burgeoning need for new materials and coatings that adapt to these changed tribological conditions and offer ultra-low friction and wear.

· A: Wear-resistant alloys
· B: Low friction coatings
· C: Ceramics and ceramic matrix composites
· D: Polymers and polymer composites
· E: Additively manufactured Tribosystems
· F: Material-lubricant interactions