September 12-16, 2021, Graz AUSTRIA

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Topics will include
S.1. Coatings and Thin Films for industrial applications
· Relations between synthesis conditions, microstructure and functional properties
· Coatings with advanced properties (self-cleaning, self-healing, wettability, smart coatings, thermal barrier coatings, bioactivity, anti-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-sticking, optical applications, etc)
· New coating concepts and designs (materials for high temperature applications, energy production, conversion and storage, sensors, supercapacitors, self-adapted, self-lubricating surfaces, materials for food packaging, etc)
· Design and manufacturing of protective or decorative coatings (corrosion protection, oxidation and wear resistance, etc)
· New frontiers in biocompatible materials (biomaterials, healthcare, etc)

S.2. Advanced methods of materials deposition and surface functionalization treatments
· Plasma deposition and related technologies (diagnosis, modelling, deposition parameters, etc)
· Theoretical aspects of surface processing
· New coating technologies, pulsed plasmas, HiPIMS and industrial coating units
· Fabrication of nanoparticles and 3D nanostructures

· Non-plasma deposition of coatings and thin films (CVD, laser assisted, plating, electrodeposition, etc)
· Novel fabrication and surface functionalization routes
· Chemical methods for surface modification (electroless, anodization, sol-gel, etc)
· Materials nano-modification and lithography
· Additive manufacturing and 3D printing
· Laser nano-texturing and treatment

S.3. In-situ and in-operando characterization techniques
· Emerging technologies with focused beams
· Resolution enhancement of optical devices
· In-situ characterization of coatings during deposition
· High resolution characterization techniques of thin films
· In-situ characterization of materials for high temperature performance
· In-situ characterization of materials in harsh environments
· Scaling up concepts: from lab to market