GFT Tribologie

60 th German Tribology Conference : 23 - 25 September 2019 in Göttingen Germany
GfT is a technical-scientific association.
Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. was founded 1959 in Düsseldorf and was formerly called "Gesellschaft für Schmiertechnik" (association for lubrication technology). This association saw itself as a platform for discussion and investigation into lubrication technology problems in science and industry. From the outset, members have been aware that considering lubrication on its own will not solve tribological problems. Therefore, the areas of activities were extended e.g. to materials and drive technology. Another field of work was the integration of the fundamental findings on friction and wear. Consistent with this, the association was renamed as "Gesellschaft für Schmeriungstechnik und Tribologie, GST" (association for lubrication technology and tribology) in 1967. As lubrication technology is a part of tribology, it has been finally decided to change the name to "Gesellschaft für Tribologie, GfT" in 1974.
This year the GfT will celebrate its double anniversary: on November 17th 2019, the founding of the Gesellschaft für Schmiertechnik (GST), predecessor of the GfT, marks its 60th  anniversary. From the beginning on, annual conferences were held, so the German Tribology Conference from September 23rd – 25th will also be the 60th this year.
Even after all these years, there is no shortage of current issues in the areas of friction, lubrication and wear: Alternative fuels require adapted lubricants, electric mobility calls for low-friction, highly efficient components, energy transition and stricter environmental legislation bringing new demands on tribologically stressed components and their materials. That's why the 60th German Tribology Conference will definitely be exciting and up-to-date as never before, and the best opportunity to gather information on the latest research in this field, to present your own results and to discuss with experts and colleagues.
In addition to plenary lectures and other program items on the 60-year history of GfT, more than 80 specialist lectures and scientific posters from industry and research institutions as well as an accompanying trade exhibition with new and proven products related to tribology are planned.
Papers and posters on the following topics:
Databases und Data Analysis
Materials and Materials Technology
Thin Layers and Surface Technologies
Lubricants and Lubrication Technology
Machining and Forming Technology
Machine Elements and Transmission Technology
Sealing Technology
Tribology in Automotive Technology
Tribology for Earth Drilling and Tunnelling
Biotribology, Life Science