ICMCTF 2019 in San Diego May-19-24 - 2019
will have eight technical symposia A through H and four topical symposia, addressing experimental, theoretical, and manufacturing issues associated with the development of new coating materials and processes, novel methods of analysis and characterization, and approaches to scale-up for commercial applications.  A special emphasis on flexible electronic materials for this year is evident with an opening plenary talk on Monday morning by Professor John A. Rogers from Northwestern University on 'Soft Electronics for the Human Body.' Another special highlight of the meeting is our Exhibitors Keynote Lecture, presented by Dr. Farwah Nahif, Eifeler-Vacotec GmbH, Germany. She will present on the topic of "Advanced Performance of Tools in Sheet-metal Forming - The Synergy of Surface Technology and Tooling Material Selection." Two Special Interest Lectures will be featured throughout the conference week, as well. Professor Ivan Petrov from the University of Illinois, USA, and Linköping University, Sweden, will speak on his vast experience with "Linking Intrinsic Plasma Characteristics to the Microstructure and Properties of Diverse Thin Film Materials." Professor Gregory Abadias from the Université de Poitiers, France, will share his recent work on "Advanced Monitoring of Thin Film Growth from Real-time Diagnostics."