June 9 - 10th 2020, Bilbao SPAIN 
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LUBMAT: Lubrication, Tribology and Condition Monitoring, Conference & Exhibition" will hold in the Euskalduna conference Centre in Bilbao. As you probably already know, LUBMAT is an event that is organized by TEKNIKER, BUREAU VERITAS and JOST Institute for more than a decade with the aim of offering the best environment for a profitable encounter between persons and entities from the most varied sectors ¯academic or industrial¯ linked by a common interest on solving the problems related to wear, lubrication, tribology and condition monitoring. Also a workshop will be organized in TEKNIKER on 11th June 2020, with possibility to visit the facilities.
The Conference had the vocation of merging science, technology and business for those looking for actual solutions and ideas to their daily challenges.